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Are you a graduate?  Do you have  skills? Would you like to earn more? 

Achieve your dream and become a professional in any field by studying abroad. 

Let us help you handle your family vacation, honeymoon or medical trips.

What is SAP?

It is a key component of Sayvers Educational Consult curriculum.The program is designed to perfect and accelerate the skill development of students between the critical ages of 8 to 15. This is the age group universally acknowledged to be the optimal mental and physical phase in which children are able to learn various skills.

SAP’s aim is to provide the necessary technical and vocational training which provides knowledge and skills for employment. This means that as well as getting broader academic knowledge, students also get the practical skills that are more likely to be required in reality.

The main focus is on holiday training sessions that will develop individual student’s technical and vocational abilities.

How do I register?

All interested students should register their details by filling the expression of interest form below. The programs will be opened during school holidays and run from the second week of vacation till a week before resumption.


What is the program cost? Fees are based on the individual child’s interest.

Can my child register for more than one skill? Yes, we encourage such.

Are certificates given? Yes

More Information
For more information about the SEC skill acquisition program, please contact info@sayvers.org