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SAYVERS Educational Consult

Savyers Educational Consult is an organization set up to help teens and youths from Africa to gain the necessary experience to achieve their goals early.

Lack of information prevents many students from attaining higher ground. Most young people who would have contributed to solving life’s greatest problems never got the right information and support to discover their real identities.

Many were born to be great but fear deprives them of their greatness. Destinies are being destroyed or underutilized in Africa and people with ideas and talents are often not regarded: sometimes we create fears that can make them lose their gift/passion.

Folding of arms and feeling indifferent will make the situation get worse. Sayvers Educational Consult needs your help in disseminating necessary information to help our students in Africa.

Who We Are:
1). At Sayvers, we believe in the promise of education to provide the foundation every young mind needs for a successful future.

2). Sayvers values dreams and ideas, and we work to make them a reality.

3). At Sayvers, we organize international tours and excursions for teens and youths to gain exposure, irrespective of their backgrounds.

4). We organize educational fairs in schools across Africa.

5). Sayvers helps to discover and nourish gifts/passions.


What is SAP?

It is a key component of Sayvers Educational Consult curriculum.The program is designed to perfect and accelerate the skill development of students between the critical ages of 8 to 15. This is the age group universally acknowledged to be the optimal mental and physical phase in which children are able to learn various skills.

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  • I am very thankful to SAYVERS EDUCATIONAL for all the guidance I received during my school admission and visa processing. I should finally appreciate your sincere efforts to bring out the best in me. Now, I’m grateful you stepped in at the right time of my life. I’m doing wonderfully well in America. Telling you the truth their services are always reliable and it only takes few minutes to plan and finalize your entire trip using their extremely fast website and up to date listings.

    I’ll recommend them 100 million times.

    Segun Ayinla; South Carolina, USA
  • I cannot thank you guys enough, you made my stay in America possible. I will advice anyone out there to contact them for their traveling processing.

    Ayodeji Ajibola; Houston Texas
  • I thank God I never missed my opportunity, thanks to SAYVERS. You guys are amazing, I’m doing very well.

    Ibrahim Atayero; Atlanta Georgia,USA
  • I’ll recommend them to help you with your traveling needs. They are trustworthy and dependable.

    Taiwo Olatokun; Houston Texas
  • Kudos to SAYVERS. I’ll recommend them million times. They are just the best.

    Falomo Olaniyi; California USA
  • Sayvers thank you, I’m doing great in Canada. Love you guys.

    Olakitan Ayodele; Montreal, Quebec Canada
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